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    “With the previous 2009 version of our site looking a little long in the tooth, we at KDR decided to rebrand and update our website presence to give our company a more contemporary look and feel. We wanted to add some new features such as a dynamic news carousel and animated portfolio gallery, and develop the website in WordPress and so benefit from the range of useful plugins such as All in one SEO.

    Once the rebranding of the logo and corporate image was being finalized we researched our competitors, looked at website design trends and came up with a set of design iterations which we circulated for feedback. We assimilated some of the changes suggested by some colleagues and further developed the concept to include some inner pages such as the portfolio pages and explored how that might work. Once the design was finalized, the homepage and inner pages were coded and tested, and then the WP theme was built and integrated along with various plugins, prior to populating the site with content and updating the pages SEO descriptions. Finally the site was tested again before launch.”

  • The next steps:

    “We are continuing to expand our portfolio with previous examples of our work, assessing and updating SEO and will be assessing the websites performance and impact for the last quarter of 2012. We also have launched two new offers to new and existing clients.”

    - Karim Rkaina, Director

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