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About the project

  • KDR were commissioned by Hope and Glory UK Ltd, a re-launched Men’s fashion retailer, after seeing our work on previous projects such as Babes with Babies, the clothing e-commerce website. The client required an SEO-friendly, dynamic and contemporary e-commerce shop presenting the garments and seasons in an attractive but functional way. The website needed an easy to use and flexible CMS. Features included advanced search functionality, the ability for the client to manage their own uploads such as adding new seasons and style images, news carousel images, and to link to a third party stock management system. The website also needed an email marketing integration with Web Parler to send and manage email campaigns.

    KDR launched the website on budget with the new Spring Summer collection in 2010, and maintained the website on a very low budget for approximately a year. Sales accounts and online marketing were managed by another company D&A, who went into liquidation in early 2011, just before the launch of a new season. Hope and Glory decided to stop trading online shortly afterwards.

    KDR present a selection of screenshots from the website (the homepage, category page, and product pages), and a link to a Way Back Machine archive version of some of the pages.

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